Numerous studies concerning the observation of eating habits in the Mediterranean regions (Greece, Italy, southern France …) have shown the beneficial effects of olive oil on health.

Olive oil contributes to the prevention of heart disease, stroke and dementia, as well as cancers of the breast, respiratory tract and upper gastrointestinal tract. Studies show that it could even reduce the risk of osteoporosis and diabetes.

How to enjoy the benefits of olive oil:

Try to consume one or two tablespoons (15 to 20ml) of olive oil every day.
Use extra-virgin olive oil: it contains higher levels of healthy polyphenols and anti-inflammatories.
Put some net oil on your vegetables or salads, or just dip in a piece of bread. But think carefully before using it to cook: the heat destroys 5 to 30% of polyphenols, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.